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If you are a first time user, here is how you register:

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Buyer’s Clubs operate on the premise that when 20 of us approach a vendor and offer to buy something, the vendor will be more likely to work with us on Price, Service, Extras, etc. than he/she would if just one of us were to go shopping.

Buyer’s Clubs accomplish several¬† things for their members:

  • Saves us Money
  • Provides Greater Buying Options
  • Allows us to Buy Local
  • Fosters an Increased Sense of Community

Our current status has us aligned to partner with local farmer(s) to deliver organic* vegetables on a weekly basis.

Here’s the deal:¬†

  • First step is to sign up on the Registration Page. After we clear you through some administrative hurdles, you’re in!
  • Next, give a check to our Treasurer (You need money in your account to purchase food)
  • Every week you can log on to the Order page and select your vegetables for that week. The cost will be withdrawn from your account. You will receive a text hen the farmer delivers the week’s vegetables as to when/where to pick up your order.
  • Hopefully, we’ll have you eating economical, healthy, and convenient food.

Moving Forward

  • We’re not there yet, but Version 2.0 will open this Buyer’s Club up to include other options – here are some examples of how far we can take it:
  • Services: (Pest Control, Lawn care, Housekeeping, etc.)
  • Wholesale purchases (If enough of us buy an item we can get it at a wholesale price)
  • Appliances (If you need a new Washing machine it could be that 2 others do too. The store may swing you a deal on 3 Washing Machines!)
  • Non food Purchases: (ABC Liquors offers a discount when buying by the case, City Rep Theatre offers discounts if blocks of tickets are purchased, etc.)
  • Here’s a big one: (Selling your house? Maybe 2 or 3 others are too. A realtor might give you a break on closing fees if all 4 of you sign on with her!)

This Website
Tutorial #1 (How to Register):

Once you join you will have access to two pages:

  • The Order Page
  • The Forum (Where you can discuss potential buying opportunities with fellow members)


  • Note about Organic: Technically the vegetables we are getting are not Organic in that the farmers don’t want to pay the fee to be certified Organic.¬† However, he has assured me that he goes through all the steps to be Organic except for paying the fee.